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This is a new start for this DA page after years of neglect. I am planning on taking commissions and selling my works, so why not use DA to feature all of it? I will post pictures of my projects and hopefully also patterns and howto to share with others, as long as I remember to take pictures during each steps.

I am very hopeful this time around, as previously I tried to keep this account up with undiagnosed mental illnesses and the combination basically made it impossible to stick to a schedule.

You can stay in touch with me and my various projects not only here, but also on many various sites:
twitter: @MsVilecatShoppe
Tumblr: msvilecat

I currently stream on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1pm through 5pm EST and I do a lazy Sunday stream (playing videogames) from 4pm to 6pm EST
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Hey there!

After a lack of internet in the last weeks, I'm finally back. Seems like it's impossible for the school dorms to have a stable connection, but that's ranting I'll keep for my fellows in class ;)

I will keep my word this time and post some of my art from last semester. Things went smoothly after all, I obtained every good grades on all but one class (the cursed one). One of the final projects was on creating a logo for the university radio in Rimouski, a city between the one I'm currently studying with and my hometown. I still don't get why, but my project has been selected along with 7 others -on a total of 44- as one of the possible choice. I personnaly don't find it would be the best, but then again maybe I've looked at it too much. And graphic designers generally have this bad self-depreciation habit versus their works.

Enough about being sorry for myself. I'd speak about this year's projects, but since this will surely turn my journal into a novel, I'll save it for another day. So instead, let's talk about my kickass holidays since it includes MAGFest. Family reunion was enjoyable as always and it gave me the chance to get more accustomed to my digicam settings. I then visited my godparents for New Year, and met my cousin's newlyfounded family for the first time in 3 years. Her kids are adorable, but the "Why?" phase of her boy was killing me. A few days after, it was finally time for me to take the plane to Virginia for MAGFest. Two words: fucking awesome. I had a great time all weekend even with the severe lack of sleep, met a shitload of people -and barely remember half of people's names, RL and screen/nick- and did I say I had a great time there? Jamspace was a new part they added to the event this year, and it did more than meet expectations. Not only they're bringing it back next year, but they'd like to make it bigger (the scene wasn't big enough for the electronic drum to be set on it). People there gave mini improvised concerts there while there was nothing happening in the Concert room. I visited some panels and other rooms too, played some old school games and met even more people. I also took a bunch of pics you can see here…
Not sure if I'll go next year, because a thousand bucks isn't easy to come by. We'll see what happens, but no matter what, I'm definitely going back in the future.

Look at me, it's turning into a novel again, tsk... Anyway, still got some school work to finish, research to do, an oral presentation about a board game we had to do for my english class(lol) and a little side-job I've been able to find. Finally, I'm truly happy to have finally kicked myself in the ass and started working on my colouring skills with my tablet. It's about time I stop being jealous and envious of other people's works and do something to fix that.

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These last few days were more ectic than I expected. And quite headache-inducing for different reasons.

I've been running around all week to get work done for the days to come. I'll be handing in all the semester's final projects. First one to be done with was this morning. Skull-splitting headache hasn't helped me at all, but I'm quite proud of the result. Let's hope it won't tag along all weekend long.

First time I tried coconut rhum yesterday, and I almost regretted it today (see above). Also, consuming anything with milk the morning after isn't the best way to calm one's aching tummy. I felt like throwing up for the next hour. I suggest soup instead, it's safer and easy to stomach. Nevertheless, beside this little cranberry juice/coco rhum semi-abuse, the party was truly fun. It was a great way to relax and learn more about all the buddies I'm studying with.

For my defense, I have to point out I've never really been a strong liquor drinker,  but more of a beer person (stout and ale!). And I've also had some of the best pastas ever in ages, thanks to a good friend of mine :D

Now it's time for me to sleep. I unfortunately have some house cleaning to do all day, and a car to draw. One last tip: don't forget to drink water if you plan on getting drunk and have sinusitis. Otherwise you'll wish for your brain to explode. And last I heard, willing to bang one's head on a concrete wall wasn't the healthiest option to be found...
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What did I say again last time? I can't believe I haven't posted in ages. But then again I can, and i'm not necessarly proud of it.

Summer's been quite enjoyable for me. Well from what I remember outside work and WoW (they were both fun too, but not that much). I did buy a digicam for myself, a Kodak EZShare 7.1 megapixels with the equivalent of a x12 optic zoom. It also has lotsa nifty features to toy with, which is even better. It makes great pictures, I just need to know how to make them more interesting. Same with my graphic tablet, a Wacom 3 Intuos 6x8 like I wished for. Unfortunately I've run out either of ideas or time to fully test it out, my best attempts at experimentation resulting in sketchy doodles made in Flash. And it's not during the holidays that I'll have the time to try it out more.

Which brings me to talk about MAGFest(Music And Games Festival). Yes, I'm totally flying to Virginia this winter just so I can meet a whole bunch of nerds and geeks with similar interests and hobbies. In other words, it's gonna be a blast! I'm planning on taking as many pictures as I can there with Salty, an amateur photograph who isn't so amateur after all (and a soon-to-be chef!). I'll end up sharing a room with 4 crazy lads at the hotel where the convention takes place. Here's the site if you're curious

This school year has mainly been on advertisement and promotion of products. I'm still enjoying my classes, except one, but that's a long story filled with bad lucks and such, and that's a great sign for me. I'm a bit insecure for the future, like where will I work once I'm done with school, but I know I'm talented enough to get a job once I graduate (not getting the big head but I can't start saying I'm a loser). Just to tell you how exciting I find my studies, I already want to know what will be my schedule for the next semester.

After I'm done with my classes, I'll be on campus for almost a week before I go home. I won't have any excuse then when it comes to showing my projects. I really want to draw again, more than logo concepts for X company or Y product. And get something different to put in my portfolio next year! Well, hoping to...

And I really need to either make journal entries more often or seriously cut on the ranting, or both.
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Since this is my first entry of the year, let me wish you all happy New Year, St-Valentine's, Spring Break, April Fools and Easter day. Am I forgetting anything? Oh, and happy Mother's and Father's day to my parents and any of yours too I guess.

I know I promised to update my DA page at least twice a year, but after looking at the crappy quality the school's digicam offered, I decided to not post any of those horrors before I buy myself one. Really, 3 megapixels only? Each pictures look like the colors got shat on them, this is fugly. With my summer job, I'll be able to buy soemthing decent (thinking around 500$) until I really need a professional model. Same thing with the graphic tablet I planned on buying, a 6x8 Intuos from Wacom.

This semester has been rather strange for me. Straight during the first week, the teachers all gave us the details on our first projects. I've handed in, last week and the week before, the work done in each class  for my 2nd project. And we're already working on the finals. Only 1 month left before school ends, time passes by fast! I've been impressed by a good amount of the work I've done in a few projects this semester. One of them was to create a book for children from 3 to 6 years old. The creativity level seems to reach higher peaks for this targeted audience, but the brainstorming isn't any less demanding compared to what many would believe. It's also easier to dare more, to try new styles or be more "aggressive" with colours and the likes, imho. I'm still thrilled by the work to do, even though my biggest wish right now would be to finally go back home. My dorm room just isn't very fun to stay in generally.

Alright, I think I'll try not to turn this into a friggin' thesis like all the previous entries, so I'll cut it for now. Anyway, I still have to try my hand at this month's FAC entry from (CASTLEVANIA!). And the deadline is Monday. But this time I really didn't get any moment for myself, unlike my usually habit of procrastinating all day long. Time for some well deserved rest now! See ya guys in summer, with loads of new material whenever I get my digicam :D
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It's been a while since I've visited DeviantArt, but not because I forgot about you guys <3!

I'm absolutely loving Graphic Design until now, and the greatest news is that the best is yet to come. The classes are interesting, and any work required outside the class is directly for projects to come, so no more boring and useless homework! I'm truly enjoying myself for the first time in ages, and I think it shows a LOT. I've never felt so happy since... since... forever! My life finally seems to take a precise direction I'm eager to walk toward (if that made sense, I'm losing my english at the moment ^^;; ).

Unfortunately only one of all the works I've handed in has been given back; a pretty frustrating but fun to create 3D work for my Visual Creation class (as a work with depths, not comp. imaging). Another is being exposed, and the rest is being evaluated. I have a decent picture of this 3D work I'll post in my scraps, since it's really nothing very impressive, if you just look at it without knowing the restrictions and all that stuff. I also -finally- have a picture of myself, so I can show what I currently look like to people, and not what I was looking like a good 2 years ago, if not more. I haven't found my Photoshop CD yet, so I had no way of editing the image to get the levels and color balance right, only have faith in my very basic knowledge regarding lighting and exposition to take pictures, and the likes. But I'm far from being anything you could call a photograph, so that would pretty much be normal. We still have a few final projects for the semester, 2 of them also being part of a contest the school's Foundation organizes each year. They decided to give a try on a new apporach : having the 1st year graphic designers come up with a front for a Christmas card that will be distributed everywhere by companies around the province. Both classes are actually the same one (Visual Creation), but has 2 distinctive sections to it : 2D and 3D, for which we use many traditional mediums.

Yesterday night was IN-CRE-DI-BLE!!! There was a world music show announced for the evening, and free tickets were distributed in the school dorms. Only 5 people or so accepted one, surprisingly. The singer was a young and beautiful lady named Lynda Thalie, an immigrant that moved from Algeria to here [Quebec] about 12 years ago. The ambiance was electrifying and hypnotising, it was the kind of music that grips you straight by the heart right from the start. I bought her album as soon as i could, after the first part of the show ended. The show had this delicious and even sensual middle eastern feel that makes you wanna baladi for hours, something I could only achieve after drinking at least a beer, if not 2, haha!

To finish : My birthday is in less than 2 weeks, which is starting to make me indifferent on the celebrating part (I never really had big parties organized, lack of friends to invite, and I prefer more intimate reunions). I never turn down an invitation to go out to get some munchies though, and I've already been promised St-Hubert, a restaurant that has mainly chicken in their menu, but has a great variety of ab-so-lu-te-ly delicious food, and most importantly, desserts (you can't refuse a piece of their sugar pie, it's like eating a piece of Heaven *drools*). My parents are planning to visit me on the 11th to celebrate me and maybe to drag me away from work for a day. I even kept working a bit during the mid-semester break, instead of going back home. A first for me, I've never been much of a workaholic, neither keeping a schedule. I just need to respect it more, instead of pushing back certain things to tomorrow, although I'm starting to get rid of this habit slowly. I don't know what we'll do, but I do know I have loads and loads of things to talk about. That also means I gotta clean up my room a bit, if I want it to be presentable, hahaha! ^^;;;;

Anyway, time for me to go to bed, i still got a project to finish for this Monday, and then drafts and more drafts to come up with for the Christmas card projects before the end of that day also. Don't give up, it's the final rush before the holidays! <3<3<3!
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I just decided to take a look at my DA account after looking at a link from the site. And wow, I haven't been around for a loooooooong time! So this makes the first journal entry in, what, over a year? Yeah...

This year has seen a lot of ups and downs, but surprisingly has been much more enjoyable than the previous 2 years. I really guess I needed to take a break on a few things, change the everyday life and such. I decided to change my field of study during the summer of 2005, and a good part of the time after I recieved my answer has been spent on planning (mostly financially). Oh, by the way, I've decided to go in Graphic Design instead of Multimedia. More drawing, less coding ;)  So you might get to see some works from my future classes. That also means i'll get to meet new people that aren't online for once! Most people I knew have moved away or we lost track of each other. I've never been very good at long-distance communication, I have to admit it. Nevertheless, my boyfriend and me are still together after 3 years (!!!) of living in different countries. I still find it surprising that we have strong feelings for each other after all this time and distance between us.

I can assure you, trying to find a job in a rather very touristic-based region is hard to realize during Winter. After being fired once the Christmas holidays were finished, I started feeling hopeless. Depression didn't even show up its nose though during this Spring. For the first time in 4 years or so, i was happier than the Energizer bunny on moccha (Note to self : lower number of coffees taken in a day), and more. I gave up from March until mid-May and just relaxed at home, doing chores, running errants for my parents from times to times and take care of the dog/dogs. Yes, we have a dog now. Technically, it's my sister's, since she bought it with her own money, and still does the same for his food, biscuits and toys. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so I'll upload some for you more curious/interested guys.

I did say dog/dogs, and here's why : my brother and his girlfriend were in fact the first to buy themselves a dog (a rather dominant bitch called Mia, pronounced Mee-ah) and decided to share the time it would spend at each's house. My sister became envious, and since I had 2 pet rats (that died during the holidays), my parents accepted that she could keep one only on the condition that she would be the one to take care of it, along with its food and everything. So my sister agreed, and bought the bitch's brother, which she called Baako. They're a mix between a Boxer and a Rottweiler, and are the sweetest ever. The only down to it is their guarding dog instincts : they'll bark whenever they see or hear someone coming, no matter what.

Back to the job topic, I found what's probably the best summer job ever, after being refused for either not being available to any of the gouvernement's subventioned jobs or having to move away before the end of the touristic season, which is in October. I'm currently working at the town's Golf Club, in the store section, but we also take care of the starts and reservations. And I get to drive golf carts, how cool is that! Joke aside, I'm truly enjoying my job for the first time, and the best of this is that the boss will keep me until I can't work there anymore, aka until I find myself a real full-time job in my domain.

I'm moving away in mid-August, and college starts the 28th or 29th of that month. By that time, I should have saved enough money to buy myself a computer, in the hope of keeping in touch with a crazy bunch from a music&gaming community I've enjoyed for a few years now, and maybe more people too :)  Let's not forget the -highly unprobable?- possibility of me uploading new stuff in the last 2 years and a half, hehe.

I'll wish you all a good evening, and see ya next time if you haven't forgotten me ;)

By the way, thanks for all those who added me or my 2 small works to their favorites, or commented on them. I'm really lacking in the attention-span departement sometimes ^-^;;;
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Wow! Haven't been around for another month. Yes, school has been very demanding these last days, and projects have fallen on my head like the rain. Some other stuff happened also, but that's nothing to worry about.

I might not end up posting those avatar pictures i did for a few people from Gaia (I find them "meh" now), but if it's not too heavy for DA, I'll -at least- post the Flash animation i have to finish for my 2D animation class. It might not be the greatest, but I feel it's worth it, if I look at all the hrs I've spent on it.

Much better news : because of that CD cover project I decided to participate in, I finally found what I want to do once I'll need to be part of that gigantic technological world. This will probably add 2 years of university, but I'm too happy to get annoyed by it.

Two more weeks of hard work before the end of the semester, don't give up Viley!
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After a month, the students of our school decided to stop the general strike we've organized, for the sake of their studies. For those who'd be wondering, most colleges and many programs from different universities went on strike (some still are, no idea on the number) to protest against the [CAN] $103M budget cut in the grant and loan program, along with a few other things related to post-secondary schools.

Sadly, it seems the whole thing concentrated itself more on the money than any other demand the student associations were fighting for, which were as important , if not more. Right now, things remain very unstable for us, and the atmosphere in this little college (we're barely 570 students) is still tense from the dischord between people who've been for and those who've been against the strike. Since Friday, some students from the same field of study are throwing knives and shooting bolts between each other. We all need some time to relax from the strike, step back to see how the situation developped, and think about it.

Nontheless, during this month of no school, i've had time to learn a few things, visit some places (and sites), get some fresh air, and mostly, get back to drawing. It first started when someone talked to me about Gaia, this insanely huge forum where you can meet all kind of people (wishing you wouldn't meet certain) between the age of 8 to 25. I felt the unexplainable need to go see how my old account was, and what happened to the site since the last time i visited. I was lurking out of boredom, until i found the thread that got me to draw like i haven't drawn in 3 years. Basically, you go in there, and people draw each other. Great practice for me too, i've never really drawn humans before. Did 14 avatar pictures in 3 days, each taking me 1h30 to 2h in average. I'm rather proud of some, and felt terribly good to see i haven't lost too much of my drawing abilities since i started college. I'll probably post a few in here, if i kick my lazy arse to do so.

I've also been playing way too much Disgaea in the last 2-3 days. I woke up this morning with that in my head only. I probably dreamt of it all night too. I wonder if i'd be able to draw some fanart of this game...
T.T; When i thought i'd be able to get some art done after the holidays...

Both in a bad and a cool way, i have to take all the time i'd take to draw (or try getting past the anatomy drafts) for some projects this semester. I'm not totally sad, since i'll get to explore more with different perspectives and movement. I'll still be lurking around, watching over my account.

I usually don't have any use for a e-journal or anything related to it, but it might be of some use here. Just to say that, for those who care, i'm -supposedly- back from a 3-weeks holiday. Very enjoyable, had a great time with my friends and boyfriend, and am now officially broken. Yay! x_X;

So now, instead of letting this account wither and die, it might host -finally- some of my own art instead of just colored versions of other people's linearts, if i get to finish something. Might reappear in a few days, maybe a few weeks. Buhbay~!